Colley Whisson

Artist Statement:

Colley Whisson is an internationally recognised artist he was born in 1966 and raised in the northern regions of Brisbane, Australia. Under the guidance of his father renowned artist Eric Whisson, he commenced oil painting at the age of 20. He has long been considered a leading artist of his generation. His first Solo Exhibition was a sell out at the age of 24 a rare feat indeed. Since then Colley has held numerous Solo and Joint Exhibitions; also writing magazine articles and his 2 Books are sought after by collectors and many libraries nationally and internationally. His demonstration DVD’S were collected by students worldwide. He has long believed “It is not what you paint but how you paint it”. At an early age he had mastered the most difficult technique of all; painting light which has become synonymous with his work. Aiming to paint with precision to convey the purest message possible and striving to capture spontaneous loose impressions each time he returns to his easel. His work has touched many, even his fellow artist expressed the desire to learn from him. He loves nothing more than the challenge of pushing himself to find new subjects to paint. He has been tagged as one of World’s finest young Impressionist painters. Colley has a strong belief that he is not copying nature but giving expression to visual ideas.

View the finished piece:

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