Mike Kowalski

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Yesterday evening while I was out walking the dog my head was in the clouds. The dusky sky was something I had not seen before, a tapestry of subtle color. My head began mixing the colors I saw; permanent rose, with hints of ochre. Clouds untouched by the last rays of light were steely cool grey green with hints of more rose. This was a fleeting effect and entirely moving to me. This was a sky that was something you’d not think of unless you witnessed it.  Painting inside the studio can often lead to the formulaic painting of blue skies, violet shadows and the like. Taking the studio outside where all is fresh and ever changing keeps my paintings exciting and my artists mind ever growing. I do not intend to recreate any exact subject or place, but rather the feeling I get when I finally stop at something that makes me take my brushes out.

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Day One

Name:Day One
Medium:Water Color
Size:8.75 x 14

Day Two

Name:Day Two
Medium:Water Color
Size:12 x 9

Day Three

Name:Day Three
Medium:Water Color
Size:10 x 14