Charlie Hunter

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I live in Vermont on the banks of the Connecticut River in an old mill town. There, I like to paint what nature does to what man creates. I tend to use a monochromatic blend of ultramarine blue, viridian, yellow ochre (sometimes) and burnt sienna. Sometimes I do an underpainting from life, then, in the studio, apply transparent glazes (of pretty much the same colors) on top. Sometimes this works and sometimes it makes a big mess. But I always learn something.

My goal is to paint beautifully that which is not traditionally considered beautiful. Sorta like a less-grotesque Anselm Keifer in a considerably better mood. It’s my hope that these paintings maybe move you even a little bit as much as the way the real thing moves me.

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Day One

Name:Day One
Size:12x24 Inches

Day Two

Name:Day Two
Size:6x12 inches

Day Three

Name:Day Three
Size:6x12 Inches