Gary Huber

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There’s a lot to be said for growing up in a rural area and being immersed in nature from the beginning. My family lived amidst beautiful rolling farmland and vacationed to places of sublime and majestic beauty. My earliest paintings were done plein air at age five in the company of my artist mother out in the countryside.

A feeling of ecstasy overcomes me when I’m out in nature, whether a unique place like the Grand Canyon or one more humble close to home. Plein air painting is a way to heighten that feeling and become engrossed in experiencing the moment. Back in the studio, painting from sketches, photos and studies, I can re-live the experience.

My intent is to capture the emotional essence of a beautiful place at a moment in time. My hope is to embody ecstasy within the work and to evoke that feeling in others.

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Day One

Name:Day One
Size:8x8 Inches

Day Two

Name:Day Two
Size:11 x 14

Day Three

Name:Day Three
Size:12x12 Inches