Katie Dobson Cundiff

Artist Bio

I am inspired an drawn to painting landscapes revealing something of the past.  History then, and now. The way we are,
and the way we were. Real places, people, and things. The landscape, pure and simple with secrets of those who tread
before us and the hope that we can preserve some of this simple, hones truth for the future. I am inspired to paint as if
there is no tomorrow, to record truth and honesty as it appears before me.  I love the work of the Spanish painter, Sorolla
and the work of Russian painter, Sergei Bongart. Their passion for the land, people, and paint fuel my desire to be the best
“Painter of Life” I can be!

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Day One

Name:Day One
Size:12x9 Inches

Day Two

Name:Day Two
Size:9 x 12

Day Three

Name:Day Three
Size:9x12 Inches