Ken Harris

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I am a representational artist specializing in oil painting, particularly landscapes and plein aire painting. With my artwork, I am trying to encapsulate and organize what I see into pleasing compositions. I try to capture the subtle nuances of my surroundings in Southern Utah where my home is. My goal is to find ways to achieve the many moods of a landscape. Freezing a moment in time with the subtleties of color and atmosphere, whether is be clear skies or dusty haze. These elements represented in two dimensions, can create a perceived three dimensional space in a small area. My friend J. Kirk Richards puts it this way “To understand God’s hand in the everyday. Art brings humanity.” I treasure that ability to find beauty in the everyday. I am constantly drawn to the subtleties of nature, such as the way the sunlight falls on a tree or how the sky is reflected on water. These are things that bring me joy. I strive to capture that “feeling” of atmosphere in what I paint.

I have been inspired by the many impressionist artists, Corot, Sisley, Van Gogh and of course Monet, and so many contemporary Western artists, Georgia O’Keefe, Maynard Dixon and Edgar Payne. Many thanks to living artists who have coached me with inspiration and friendship, Kate Starling, Ron Rencher, G. Russell Case and George Strickland.

I paint to continually push myself beyond my comfort zone. Plein aire painting has been one of the hardest tasks for me but, when all things come together it is very rewarding.

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Day One

Name:Day one
Size:11 x 13

Day Two

Name:Day Two
Size:8x10 Inches

Day Three

Name:Day Three
Size:8 x 10