Jake Gaedtke

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Painting from life challenges artists to concentrate every sensory nerve on the information in front of us. We absorb it all, from sight to sound and scent, from temperature to atmosphere – we recreate the experience by channeling those feelings from head and heart to hand, through paint, onto paper and canvas.

My calling as an artist is to share my vision and experience of the natural world and its many marvels through plein air painting. My goal is to couple my knowledge of art history and the learned disciplines of skilled technique with all the emotion I feel “in the moment” when I am painting – to capture that moment of intense awareness for the viewer to experience and enjoy. This is accomplished in the form of painted and/or sketched field studies as my main source of reference. I am then able to create larger paintings of these studies in my studio.

In both my field studies and my studio paintings, I invite the observer to journey with me into a world of total sensory awareness of the countless wonders and manifold expressions of nature.

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Day One

Name:WITWIPA 2017 Day 1
Size:8 x 10

Day Two

Name:WITWIPA 2017 Day 2
Size:8 x 12

Day Three

Name:WITWIPA 2017 Day 3
Size:9 x 12