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My life has been filled with working as an artist, doing the very thing I love to do, making something to be enjoyed by others. Painting outdoors here in Manhattan, NYC, brings its own challenges and rewards that go beyond the finished canvas. After all it is a journey of the day, or even 2-3 days depending on the scale and complexity of my subject. I will walk through Central Park at different times of day just to see how the light defines the shapes and influences colors and make written notes of the location and time of day. When I return to that spot in the park my anticipation and excitement builds as I set up my gear to begin that painting journey.

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Day One

Name:WITWIPA 2017 Day 1
Size:11 x 14

Day Two

Name:WITWIPA 2017 Day 2
Medium:Oil on Linen

Day Three

Painting Coming Soon!
Name:WITWIPA 2017 Day 3
Medium:Coming Soon!
Size:Coming Soon!
Price:Coming Soon!