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A Westerner her whole life, Linda Glover Gooch grew up in the warmth of the Southwest. Spending time as a child playing in the orchard groves, washes and arroyos of Southern California is where Linda developed a love of the desert and canyons. Linda embraces the vast canyons that stretch across the West.

Studying and working on location throughout the Canyons of the west has been her pursuit for the last 10 years. Multiple trips and many hours on location bring new inspiration as each day reveals different light and weather conditions. Intrigued by the monumental size of the Canyons, the variety of colors, values and texture creates a challenge to the Plein air painter. The grandeur and ever-changing moods of the western Canyons are a constant source of inspiration and an important part of her continued growth as an artist. Dramatic light and cathedral structures draw her to this subject with its strength and never-ending beauty. Working on location rejuvenates her, giving her the needed fuel to work indoors, bringing life into larger studio pieces. Being able to share this with collectors and viewers is truly a blessing and such a privilege.

Linda’s work has been featured in Art of the West and Southwest Art magazines. She continues to share her gift and enthusiasm by teaching workshops across the country. She currently resides in Mesa, Arizona with her Husband Joe.

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