Stephen Henry

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Born in Texas, Stephen comes from a rural background, steeped in tradition and values that are familiar to the American heartland.  Therefore, the subjects of his works are that of small-town America and the cultural identity that it reflects.  You will see in his work images of farm and ranch settings, rural landscapes, and every day, down-to-earth ordinary folks.  

“I strive for my work to be a testimony of my spirituality, as well.  My work, though not always a direct pronunciation of my Christian beliefs, are always created in essence of those beliefs.  This is my muse, and the reason that I am here on this planet today.  I am truly grateful for being given this desire to create”

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Day One

Name:WITWIPA 2017 Day 1

Day Two

Name:WITWIPA 2017 Day 2
Size:14 x 11

Day Three

Name:WITWIPA 2017 Day 3
Size:11 x 14