Susette Gertsch

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Painting “en plein air” is my escape to the great outdoor studio of this beautiful, varied, and amazing planet earth. After spending hundreds of hours out there I have come to deeply appreciate a vital force in nature that energizes me every session, whether it is the panorama of Heber vally, or a corner of Monet’s flower garden in Giverny, France.

Eyes, heart, and mind have merged diverse skills and experiences through years of painting, drawing, teaching, workshops, degrees, museum trips, sketching, sculpting and photography.  They all work together to build essential flow and meaning into each new painting.

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Day One

Name:WITWIPA 2017 Day 1
Size:11 x 14

Day Two

Name:WITWIPA 2017 Day 2
Medium:Oil on Linen
Size:12 x 16

Day Three

Name:WITWIPA 2017 Day 3
Medium:Oil on Linen
Size:11 x 14