Allie Zeyer

Saltbox Shadows 10×10 $850

Artist Statement:

My passion for fine art sprouted at an early age. I remember standing in my nightgown, long past my bedtime, watching my Dad mix blue greys for his painting of the Tetons. In that childhood moment, as my bare feet soaked into the carpet, I knew I wanted to be an artist.

As an artist, I’m drawn to light and color, shapes and design. I love the simplicity of the pastoral landscape where edges of tree lines blur and the pitch of a barn pierces the sky. My work encompasses both tradition and innovation. I’m traditional in my alla prima approach, yet I aim to bring to light a perspective of a subject that could easily be overlooked, like the way a cast shadow blankets a roll of hay, or how the desert sagebrush illuminates in the final hours of the setting sun.

I paint because I find balance in art. In taking care of our young children and busy home, painting provides a tranquil reprieve; it enlightens my mind and helps me approach daily life with more joy. I hope my work offers you and your home beauty in the way that fine art enriches, deepens, and expands any environment. I feel I live in a plein air painter’s paradise. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop on by, we’ll venture out and paint.

View the finished piece:

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