Cindy Wilbur

Artist Statement:

I once heard a saying, “To be inspired means to be in spirit“. For me, being out among God’s great creation is the best inspiration. There, all of my senses become part of my painting, not just sight but touch and sound, all flowing together onto my canvas. “Light”, is probably what first inspires me to paint a certain scene, light vs. shadow, warm vs. cool; or lack of light, creating mood and atmosphere.

I love my studio time as well. It is there that I can create larger paintings, carrying with me the memory of recent outdoor experiences. It is there that I have the time to add my own style and nuances to a scene already lightly captured ‘en plein air’. I remember well my very first studio. It was a doll house that my father converted for me as a child. There, out in the yard, I learned the pleasures of freeing my creative energies into something I could share with others.

My work is most known for its impressionistic or “painterly” style, favoring serene, pictorial landscapes. I prefer to suggest, rather than render, simplifying large shapes of color and value, leaving the details to the viewer. I feel this allows them to explore my paintings, the same way I so eagerly explored my surroundings. My goal is to convey my feelings through my heart and brush in hopes that the viewer will gain the same sense of spirit that inspired me.

View the finished piece:

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