David Koch

Artist Statement:

“I believe that ‘man is that he might have joy.’ I feel grateful to be involved in making the world a little brighter and more joyful in some small way with art. My personal definition of “good” art is art that uplifts, motivates, inspires or teaches. When I see something that effects me in these ways I want to visually record it. I am fascinated with the process of using tangible elements like line, color, value, texture, and shape to create intangible elements like light, mood, feeling or understanding. I am constantly striving to refine my artistic skills in order to do this effectively and creatively.

I never know exactly how each piece of art will look when completed because each stroke dictates the next stroke until the piece is finished. My goal is to capture my impression of a subject in the simplest way possible by recording only the essential elements and leaving out the rest. This discovering and learning is what motivates me to put that next blank canvas onto the easel. It is very gratifying to me when I see that someone else has also been positively affected in some way by something that I have created. It is a privilege to be an artist.”

View the finished piece:


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