Downy Doxey-Marshall

Artist Statement:

For many years I have explored oil paint, egg tempera, photography and mixed media embroidery. Currently I have come full circle back to oil paint. My work has been influenced, after working closely with artists Gary Ernest Smith and Robert Marshall, by their reverence for the landscape and love for oil paint. I approach the landscape with an immersed perspective, plunging the viewer into beauty. Staining random transparent colors, then layering thick paint, like frosting, on top. I hold my brush loosely, even rolling it around my hand to create marks that are naive and surprising, letting the canvas inform the direction. I want my paintings to bring the viewer into the sublime, where they can forget about everyday worries, and enjoy the painted surface forms and colors for a while. My paintings are a fervent reaction to the overlooked, natural spaces that surround me; areas that explode with rabbit brush and fallen trees, ditch banks and freeway exits, pools reflecting skies, tangled birch branches, clustered golden leaf boats and backlit stained glass fruit trees. My spirit is rejuvenated when I experience these natural spaces therefore I strive to entice the viewer to take a similar journey.

View the finished piece: