Gary Ernest Smith

Artist Statement:

“I was born and raised in a rural farm community twenty miles north east of Baker City, Oregon. The demands of farm life taught me the values of discipline and self reliance. When I left the farm for an art career, I was able to draw upon those deep seeded values that rural life had taught me, and my subject matter became those people, places and things that had been so ingrained in me while growing up on the farm. These images cross the boundaries of time and to me they are symbolic of the soul of America.

My work is a sketchbook of my life. It reflects my growth and evolution as an artist. As I have progressed on this journey new experiences and influences have become a part of me and my work.

As a young artist I was impressed by a scriptural passage in Exodus which refers to the artisans and craftsmen who built the tabernacle as “wise-hearted.” With this in mind I have always sought a higher level of inspiration and positive purpose that may reflect and inspire the best of humanity. My desire is to create art that is spiritual but not necessarily overtly religious: it must always speak of deeper feelings and emotions that get to the heart of the subject.”

View the finished piece:


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