George Handrahan

Artist Statement:

“My work reflects the life cycle evident in the world we live in – relationships, interactions, contrasts and comparisons – both natural and man-made. It is seeing the dark or the light, the hard or the soft, the mass or the minuscule, the beautiful opposites that make a subject intriguing, then communicating these in a unique and expressive way. It’s not about making pretty pictures, it’s about creating a work with real art value − a real work of art.

I choose to visually whisper, calmly and quietly without gimmicks – whether it is the saturated color of a willow in spring against the cold shadows of winter’s remnants, the way light and shadow envelop the human form or natures deconstruction of an old barn. I am inspired to capture that moment in time and place with all of it’s color, texture mood and spirit.”

View the finished piece:

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