Jeffery Pugh

Artist Statement:

“Art has always dominated the direction of my life. I remember that when I was very young, I would go to my grandmothers and paint little watercolors with her as she painted. Even then, I remember learning the importance of seeing. This has just continued through my life and has helped me learn and grow. It has filtered the way that I view my surroundings. I no longer ignore the beauty of the landscape. It isn’t just dirt and trees and sky. It is a compound of colors and values and shapes.”

“I love the idea of ‘filters and abstractions’. It has been the catalyst for my work from the start. I need to explain the terms as I use them. A filter is any sort of separation from the source of the painting. That could be from painting en plein air (which would be one degree of separation) to photographing a site, manipulating it on the computer and printing it off on a napkin (at least three degrees of separation). Depending on how far removed you are from the source material will definitely influence how abstracted the work will become. Certainly we all have our own techniques and approaches that will abstract the final piece and we could abstract without the aid of filters, but having this understanding enhances the process.

“I realize that my work continues to evolve. It has to if I want to be an artist of any caliber. Sometimes it feels like it changes relatively slowly, but it has evolved. It has gone from a realistic representation to an abstraction of the inherent designs found in nature. I have found that by carefully choosing the filters I use, I am able to enhance those designs and push those abstractions even further.”

View the finished piece:

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