John Lintott

12 x 18 Oil – $1000.00

Artist Statement:

As a landscape painter, I feel like my interest in the outdoors has grown exponentially. Now I notice things that I never would have looked at as a child, and it seems the world has gotten that much bigger. Painting in the outdoors allows me to try and encapsulate the love I have for what I have come to take in, and translate that love into something believable, convincing, and emotional. To view the beauty of the world around me and try to communicate my impression of the experience is the ultimate struggle.
I love approaching new challenges in the landscape. Tweaking my process to adapt to new problems forces me to constantly evolve my painting and keeps me interested and passionate about it. Seeking out the beauty and solitude of the landscape is the best way for me to put everything else aside and enjoy the outdoors.

View the finished piece:

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