John Pototschnik

Artist Statement:

My artistic influences are diverse, ranging from the Barbizon painter’s of Corot. Daubigny and Millet to the American tonalist, George Inness. I believe all I need to know of the principles of art are to be found in the works of the masters. My paintings are not flamboyant, mysterious, trendy or shocking, but I am interested in depicting the truth about life, as I see it, in a naturalistic way free of frills and bravado. I enjoy depicting simple, common, everyday life and its objects as things of beauty and worth.

“Primarily a landscape painter, I am drawn to the countryside, farms and small towns of our great country…paintings that honor family, truth, morality, community, and hard work…paintings of the America we all love, paintings that speak to the heart.

View the finished piece:

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