Ken Harris

Good Morning Sunshine 8 x 10 $850.00

Artist Statement:

“I began painting plein air after we moved to Southern Utah. I have reconnected with my life long love of the West. I try to capture all the pleasing compositions and subtle nuances of my surroundings. My goal is to find ways to achieve the many moods of a landscape. Freezing a moment in time with the subtleties of color and atmosphere. I am striving to capture the “feel “ of the cliffs and mesas with a painterly realism, and am continually pursuing the spiritual nature and beauty of this land. I treasure the ability to find beauty in the everyday. I am constantly drawn to way the sunlight falls on a tree or how the sky is reflected in water These are the things that bring me joy. I remember exactly when and where I was each time I look at one of my paintings. I am humbled that I can share something so personal and touch someone else by that experience through my art.”

View the finished piece:

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