Ken Spencer

Artist Statement:

As an artist I work between the opposite forces of visual law and the power of self expression. Just as there are laws that govern nature and society, there are laws that effect the creation of art. On the other hand art is creative, inspired, and innovative. Art wants to break away from the mediocre and the mundane. It strives to take the viewer beyond simply seeing an image to the experience of understanding and feeling deep emotion.

I have spent most of my life learning to draw and paint, and embrace the fact that this journey is not over. I have made it my goal to understand and apply the foundational principles of art, but to never let go of what is uniquely my own. I strive to create paintings that are the product of my beliefs and experiences. In each painting I work to bring into harmony my vision of the subject, the emotion I wish to convey, and the lessons I’ve learned from past experience.

“Art exists so that we may say the unsayable”. I hope that a person viewing my artwork will not only find the painting interesting to look at, but will enjoy a personal and emotional connection to the work of art. I hope that when the painting is hung on the wall that it functions as a window that will carry the viewer to another time or place and allow them this experience for a lifetime.

View the finished piece: