Kevin McCain

Artist Statement:

The History “An Artist’s Journey”

Raised in an artistic family, Kevin entertained thoughts of becoming an artist at an early age. He could often be found with a brush in his hand and a pencil tucked behind his ear. In high school Kevin took his first serious art classes; the muse took hold of him and hasn’t let go.

Inspired by artists like Norman Rockwell and N.C. Wyeth, Kevin was determined to study and pursue a career in illustration. As Kevin studied art history in college he became more and more influenced by the French and California Impressionists and decided to finish his studies with an emphasis in fine art painting. Through the paintings of Edgar Payne and Maynard Dixon, Kevin developed an affection for the landscape.

His love for the Sonoran desert of his home state grew to a love of the western United States. Kevin says his muse is “Western and will always be Western.” He loves painting the north and southwest, and particularly enjoys the opportunity to get out of civilization and into nature where he can paint and not see another soul. “There is a sense of solitude to the vast panoramas of the Western landscape,” Kevin says. “There’s a rugged beauty of the Western landscape that I really am drawn to, whether it’s the low Sonoran deserts of Arizona, the canyonlands of Utah, the coastlines of California, or the high alpine mountains of Idaho and Wyoming. I love the north and southwest and all its many variations. It never fails to inspire me. I find more beauty in the majestic tall pines of Idaho than in any of the great cathedrals of Europe.”

View the finished piece: