Kirk Larsen

Here is the world, 9×12, $1200.00

Artist Statement:

“When painting, I have the feeling that all is right with the world…” Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by
the environment around me. I have found great inspiration in my perception and dedicated my life to sharing the awe
with others. As an artist, painter, sculptor, photographer and writer, I constantly explore ways to express the beauty and serenity in all things.

As a child, I drew on practically every notepad in the house. I am grateful to my parents for encouraging my artistic
tendencies with my first oil paints at the age of seven. My first painting was done outdoors. On that note I am passionate about Plein air because it combines two of the best things in the world: painting and being outside.
I love nature, the sea, sailing, kayaking, camping, hiking, fishing and scuba diving. I love discovering new places, driving and exploring and adventure. The most common thread is that whenever I go anywhere, from the exotic to the
mundane, I always want to paint what I see and experience.

I come alive when painting a scene I’m inspired by. I love to share my thoughts and emotions through my work. I love
the bliss of being connected to spirit as well as the fascination of the painting as it unfolds. The experience of capturing
peacefulness, serenity or drama is amplified by sharing that art with others. Art has the potential to heal and uplift,
often in ways I did not anticipate.

I truly enjoy Plein air Events for the camaraderie, competition and creativity as they inspire me to continually expand as an artist. The diverse weather, light and conditions reveal to me another chance to explore & embrace the moment and revel in discovery, as I seek to share the feeling of the location and the day and connect with the land. It is a deep part of
who I am, this journey of art, and to share creatively from my soul. When an artist paints a landscape, be it remote or
common, they can create an appreciation that can help to preserve that place for posterity. I believe an artist has an obligation to contribute to culture and through making art, enrich it.

I enjoy many mediums: watercolor, acrylics, drawing, ice carving, ink, snow sculpture, digital, underwater and film
photography, with oils and stone carving being my favorites. I have been recognized with over 161 awards including several best in shows/grand prizes, and many plein air and quick draw awards. I am also a teacher, a writer (previously nominated for poet Laureate of Nassau County, NY), a film and television actor and play blues harmonica.

I enjoy the challenge of painting under pressure as much as I do when I am painting for the pure spiritual joy of it. I love participating in “Where in the World is Plein Air” and I am excited to choose a very unique, historic and challenging view and share it with all of you. I know some lucky person or persons with have the pleasure of enjoying the art for
generations to come and I am honored to be a part of such a unique and exciting event.

View the finished piece:

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