Rachel Pettit

Artist Statement:

“It doesn’t get any better than this”…my motto when I am painting outdoors, taking in the visual feast and discovering the subtleties of nature right before my eyes. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to freely pursue this passion. At a young age, I moved with my family to Scottsdale, Arizona and spent my childhood in the southwest, traveling, camping and exploring. This instilled a great love of the outdoors which later was continued as a love of landscape painting.

The spirit which resounds in each of my works comes from a personal heartfelt love of the natural world and the peace and balance which can be derived from it. Who could know that plein air painting (‘in the open air’) would become a means to capture that elusive freshness and keen color that is only witnessed first hand? Speed and a well-trained eye and hand are needed to capture the most appealing and fleeting light of early morning and late afternoon. These paintings are often filled with expressive brushwork and spontaneity. Twenty years of painting in the field has given me the experience to paint the subject with integrity and authenticity, even in the studio. I hope that my paintings will present to you a sense of place; one that lifts the spirit as each one does for me.”

View the finished piece: