Rick Kinateder

“Red Barn at Wallsburg” 16×20 $700 Watercolor

Artist Statement:

Rick Kinateder loves to search out inspirational, intense, low light evening scenes. Naturally,
considering his architectural rendering background, he is also drawn to buildings whether they
are rural, cityscapes, historical or European settings. His eye for detail and knowledge of
perspective help him to create realistic impressions of the scenes that excite him. His paintings
come to life with abundant color and attention to contrast and shadows.
With his need for a quick drying medium in the rendering business, watercolors have been a
medium of choice for Rick. His mom, also an artist, said he could paint with oils when he was
older “because they’re messy”. He is now also painting with oils! Both watercolors and oils are
exciting and enjoyable for him and his collectors.

View the finished piece:

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