Susette Gertsch

Artist Statement:

I paint, and paint, and paint. And eventually, life, this precious, feeling, sensory, breathing thing I experience ever so briefly, is transformed into a literal message of some kind or other during this solo performance. If I’m feeling lucky, or brilliant or inspired, or ragged or depressed or desperate, or funny, or bored, or anything else, the paint holds some of that energy. The record of it sticks around in suspended animation for the world to see, to experience through the filter’s of their own lives and explore one person at a time.

I have recorded scores of wonderful experiences, landscapes and “things” in paint, most of my life. More recently I have enjoyed painting sumptuous gardens and figures en plein air and in the studio. As a result I have come to believe there is a little bit of my very life force in the work quietly tapping code from the canvas. I’m so super-charged by the beauty of this process and theme that I can only hope it carries though to receptive viewers far into the future.

I live and work in Midway, Utah, a once rural town that is now becoming a thriving community and destination place in the mountains near Park City, Utah.

View the finished piece:

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